Is the Total Surgery Visual Merchandising for Dentists?

Independent dental practices are multi-faceted and multi-functional. They serve a role beyond that of the traditional dentist. They must be the total surgery.

With the wide range of cosmetic dental solutions now on offer, private dental patients are no longer simply attending appointments for check-ups and oral health reasons.

They are customers and consumers as much as they are patients.

Therefore, it follows that the environment they are visiting should meet their expanded expectations.

This means state of the art dental units, dental chairs, dental cabinets and other equipment.


Patients as Customers

While many people visit the dentist out of necessity, increasingly, there is a greater element of choice involved.

Dental practices can offer a wide range of services, including cosmetic dental treatments and solutions such as porcelain veneers, gum sculpting, and crown and bridge work.

However, for the visitor, they must become receptive to the idea of undertaking any of these procedures.

Consequently, the surroundings must look the part and the professionals involved must be fully immersed in the customer experience.

If people are paying for a premium service, they will expect it in the right kind of environment, delivered with the right degree of reassuring, approachable professionalism.

Furthermore, how the surgery is fitted out becomes a form of visual merchandising.


What is Total Surgery Creation?

Effective, customer-friendly, modern dental surgeries are not created piecemeal. They work as an entirety, following an ergonomic logic that ensures the comfort of patients and the efficient delivery of treatments on the part of dental professionals.

Total surgery creation is about putting the ideal dental surgery together from the ground up, following a detailed process of design, construction and fit-out.


Is this necessary?

This comes back to how people experience modern dentistry.

Just as with premium retailers, or other on-site services, the environment is immersive, because this enhances the customer experience.

Moreover, people visiting independent dental practices have certain expectations, because they are making that choice.


Function and Aesthetics

Dental equipment serves a dual function: it provides the ultimate in modern technological support for dental professionals; but it also reassures the dental patient.

Within the dental practice, dental chairs, such as models from Castellini, Stern Weber, Kavo and the Morita Group are the focal point, and they work to sell its benefits to customers as well as being essential to how the practice performs.

Appearances count as much as practical considerations. When we talk about the total surgery as a form of visual merchandising it is not to trivialise it, but to emphasise that the complete dental surgery has more than one role. It is aesthetic as well as functional.

“Dental surgeries should be inspiring places, designed to serve patients’ needs but also to provide an excellent customer experience. Total surgery creation is how we can accomplish this on behalf of dynamic, independent dental practices.”

Pete Higson, RPA Dental Equipment