Total Surgery Fit Out


Should Good Practice Extend to a Total Surgery Fit Out?

The British Dental Association (BDA) has a quality assurance programme known as Good Practice. It provides a means for dental practices to assess their development and takes a patient-centred perspective.

It provides a framework for this, and tools to help practices achieve the programme’s objectives. It also offers business development advice.

However, alongside this continuous cycle of learning and development, dental practices should also consider how a total surgery fit out could meet their goals.


Refurbishing Your Dental Practice

Independent dental practices must look at the customer experience in its entirety, and fitting out the practice is a huge part of this.

Consequently, when looking to enhance what they can offer patients, from essential treatment to advanced aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry, dentists should refurbish their surgeries to match their business objectives

Total surgery creation offers the opportunity to redesign a dental practice from the ground up, including the equipment, the dental cabinets and even the staff uniforms.

However, first there are some key considerations for anyone looking to give their dental practice a thorough overhaul.

  • Firstly, check with the landlord, unless the dental practice owns the freehold. There is no point in planning an extensive refurbishment without first clearing any hurdles and addressing any issues to do with the property.Contractually, the practice may need landlord approval before commencing any refurbishment work, and there may be conditions attached to the leasehold.
  • Assuming the financing is in place, the next thing is planning permission. If the plan is to extend any areas of the practice’s clinical functions into other parts of the building, this may require permission for a change of use.
  • Similarly, the practice may need to obtain building regulations, which means submitting detailed plans and drawings. Such a project will also be subject to Construction, Design and Management (CDM) regulations.
  • Finally, who will carry out the work. It is vital to get a trusted partner on board, who understands the specific issues regarding dental practices, and how to turn design concepts into a practical reality.


Creating the Total Surgery

At RPA Dental, when we talk about total surgery creation, we mean how all areas and aspects of a dental practice should work together to best serve the patients.

For this reason, we provide a tried and tested project system for surgery fit outs and refurbishments, looking at all aspects of planning, design, installation and completion.

The supply of cutting edge dental chairs and other equipment is not where the story ends for us, or for our clients.

Dental refurbishment is about trust and expert knowledge. We have honed and developed our expertise in this area so that dental practices can rely on us, as trusted project partners, to drive and look after total surgery creation on their behalf.

Therefore, we work closely with them, from initial feasibility studies and costing out to gaining the necessary permissions on their behalf and providing expert services in selecting and installing the most suitable specialist equipment for their surgery.

“Good practice in dentistry means meeting consistent standards of excellence that put patients first. Total surgery creation is an enabler of this, providing dentists with all that they need to perform to their very best capabilities.”