AMETASYS has established itself worldwide as a producer of high quality dental products. Main part of the corporate identity is the high sensibility for environmental problems which can be noticed in all our products and services.

The METASYS philosophy aims at offering integrated solutions for all needs of a dental surgery: Modern hygiene products, amalgam separation as well as suction systems and compressors which complement each other and meet the high environmental standards of METASYS. Our high-grade technologies protect our water reserves from contamination through mercury and dangerous chemicals helping to avoid unnecessary waste of drinking water.

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    The suction power of dry suction motors, combined with integrated air/water separation and are the cornerstones of a central suction system, marked by its flexible and individual structure, high level of user-friendliness, and its unobtrusive yet efficient technology.

    • EXCOM hybrid 1 – for 1 dental unit
    • EXCOM hybrid 2 – for up to 3 dental units
    • EXCOM hybrid 5 – for up to 5 dental units
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    ECO II amalgam separators are available as modules for the EXCOM hybrid A1/A2/A5 central semi-wet suction systems. The ECO II is straightforward in its construction and delivers a separation rate of 99.3%. It is ideal for anyone looking for an easy-to-maintain, cost-effective alternative to electronically controlled centrifugal systems.

    • EXCOM hybrid A1 – for 1 dental unit, with ECO II
    • EXCOM hybrid A2 – for up to 3 dental units, with ECO II Tandem
    • EXCOM hybrid A5 – for up to 5 dental units, with ECO II Tandem
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