RPA Dental cares for us and our business

To show their appreciation of the support they received from key customers in the past few years, RPA Dental recently took clinicians to Bologna, Italy. Guests had an exclusive opportunity to visit the Cefla manufacturing facility – the world-leading name behind several of RPA Dental’s innovative dental chairs and imaging technologies.

Kunal Patel, Owner and Clinical Director of Love Teeth Dental in Surrey, alongside his wife, co-owner and practice manager, Lucy Patel, was among the group invited. He says:

“It was a fantastic, well-thought-out trip. One of the most enjoyable parts of the trip was touring the Cefla factory – Umberto [Mara] was great at showing us around. It made us appreciate the quality and precision of the equipment we buy and the large scale at which it is manufactured. 

“It means a lot to Lucy and I to be appreciated in this way, as it shows RPA Dental cares for us and our business. Of course, we met through a business transaction, but five years later, it now feels more like a friendship with Pete, Jo, Jamie and the team.

“We opened five squat clinics in two years, requiring 25+ chairs, several X-ray units and five CBCT machines, which required a huge investment from me. I felt safe knowing RPA Dental and Cefla were the correct choice in supporting me through this journey.”