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The essential nature of Puma ELI R lets dentists perform their everyday work with calm and ease. Extremely manageable, compact and packed with ergonomic features to smooth the treatment process, Puma ELI R is also the right solution for those seeking intrinsic reliability and quality. Streamlined essentiality.

Fluid movements and outstanding ergonomics to meet the needs of dentists who work with hanging tubes. The CP model is compact and features a dentist’s module that can be positioned anywhere around the patient to make treatment easier whatever the clinical circumstances.

Maximum operating freedom in the surgery demands a flexible solution that lets dentists work comfortably in any situation. With the Cart or Single Cart model, the dentist is free to select the most comfortable position and enjoy the absolute practicality of an independent solution.

Designed for orthodontists, Puma ELI R ORTHO benefits from a design that meets the dentist’s specific needs during orthodontic treatment. The optional tray holder can reach the operating area with ease thanks to the mobility and extension of the arms. The assistant’s side is ready for 1 or 2 dynamic instruments, controlled via a convenient display.

Available as an optional, the exclusive pneumatic release orbital headrest pivots on three axes and allows for quick, precise assisted positioning. The button on the lower side of the headrest activates the movement.

Available as an optional, the extension-adjustable footrest allows for easy, thorough disinfection.

The comfort concept starts with the patient chair, which features a silent motor rated to lift patients weighing up to 190 kg. Sturdy yet slimline and with just the right compensation between backrest and seat movements, the patient chair accompanies the patient gently, minimising the compression effect in the lumbar area. With extremely fluid starts and stops, chair movements remain reassuring at all times.

Puma ELI R is equipped with a new instrument control panel with touchscreen display and integrated X-ray viewer. An alphanumeric display allows for smooth conservative dentistry function management, providing essential data and allowing operating parameters to be set directly. The “clean” button temporarily disables the touchscreen to allow sanitisation.