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Precision and speed. In less than a minute. Personalize your work with the best interface for your needs. More possibilities, maximum result.
The best software for your clinical needs.

iRYS quickly elaborates all kinds of acquired data and enables you to browse around the different images. Try and generate panoramic scans, cephalometry and three-dimensional bone models.

iRYS presents a multiple desktop management system so as to quickly visualize the images on the screen and effortlessly move from one page to the other.

  • Preloaded implant libraries
  • Implant simulation
  • Compatibility with other software
  • Data sharing with 2D and 3D Viewer
  • Evolved image filters

With Advanced Implant Planning (NIP) you define the exact position of the implant directly on the 3D model on the basis of the definitive prosthetic project imported from the CAD. All in 3D. It evaluates the quantity of bone and the surrounding anatomic structures, such as the mandibular canal, defining a minimum safety distance. It quantifies the required volume if sinus lift is to be performed. It exports the bone model and implants in STL so the surgical guide can be printed independently. Thus ensuring there are no doubts for the patient either.