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3D/2D Ceph suspended imaging system

A complete family of dental imaging solutions for all dental surgeries.

Designed for surgeries that require three-dimensional diagnostic potential, the 3D/2D-configuration Hyperion X5 offers just the right solution and simultaneously provides excellent 2D performance. The optional integration of the teleradiographic arm further boosts the diagnostic capacity.

Accessing the potential of 3D exams has never been easier or more effective. Thanks to dedicated mechanisms, patient positioning solutions and exclusive automatisms that help ensure a positive outcome with every examination, dentists can exploit the full potential of 3D.

  • Automatic sensor and collimator alignment
  • Ultra-high sensitivity 3D-PAN sensor
  • Adjustable and ergonomic head support
  • 3D MultiFOV, from 6×6 to 10×10 cm

Hyperion X5 offers a wide selection of 2D programs for panoramic and cephalometric quality images, full of details useful to deliver an effective and safe diagnosis while protecting the patient’s health.

  • Orthogonal projections
  • Quick scanning
  • Variable collimation
  • Software programs for adults and children
  • Servo-assisted positioning (laser guides)

Designed to integrate the 2D sensor-equipped arm to perform cephalometric exams, Hyperion X5 is the most versatile system on the market, providing a broad range of examinations covering every possible clinical need.

  • Minimal bulk
  • Ultra-fast scan
  • TOP CEPH examinations
  • Optimised alignment
  • Operating comfort