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METASYS compressors are manufactured and approved in compliance with EU directives as well as with statutory regulations applicable in the individual countries. Different models are available:

  • META Air 70 – 1 surgery system
  • META Air 150 – 2 surgery system
  • META Air 250 – 3-4 surgery system
  • META Air 450 – 5-6 surgery system
  • META Air 650 – 7-8 surgery system

Compressed air used in dental practices must comply with highest sanitary and medical standards. This is why all METASYS META Air compressors work absolutely oil-free and are equipped with an integrated double filtration system with a rating of 0.01 µm and a powerful membrane dryer for absolutely dry air.

META Air compressors guarantee low noise operation, a pressure range of 5-7 bar, as well as double, amperometric and temperature control for optimal safety. To ensure longevity, the compressors are equipped with an air tank with an antibacterial inner coating to prevent corrosion, and an operating hours meter to ensure the exact definition of maintenance intervals.