Our Amazing RPA Dental Equipment Team

Dental Equipment Specialist, with over 40 years’ experience and a tradition in delivering unrivalled support and service to the dental community.

We genuinely care about your business, as we value our ability to cater for your every need.   For those many customers who we currently work with, thank you for your continued support and loyalty. For those who are new to the RPA Dental name, we are ready and willing to better the service you currently receive. Give us a try.


SCOTTIE Credit Controller

Loves - Sky Diving
Hates - Being Towed
Email  - scottie@rpadental.net


Loves - Washing his Hands and Rugby League
Hates - Grubby Fingernails and Vegetables
Email  - dave@rpadental.net

ABBY McKAY Customer Support Advisor

Loves - Happy People & Being Early
Hates - Going to the dentist

SASHA ORIA Technician

Loves - Adrenaline Based Sports
Hates - Seafood & Deep Sea Boat Trips

EMILY THOMAS Digital Support

Loves - Saints Rugby Club
Hates -A morning without a cup of tea


Loves - Chatting to Drag Queens on FB
Hates - Paper Work
Email  - clinton@rpadental.net


JAMIE PETER Technical Director 

Loves - Rugby League & Jeremy Clarkson
Hates - Spiders & Egg Custards
Email  - jamie@rpadental.net


SUE HIGSON  Operations Director

Loves - Red Wine in a large glass
Hates - Being Told what to do
Email - sue@rpadental.net

LAURA FERGUSON Customer Support Advisor

Loves – Puppies and Cheese 
Hates – Pigeons and Sitting by the Door
Email  laura@rpadental.net

WENDY WOODS Maintenance Coordinator

Loves - Smiles & Sunshine
Hates - Cold Callers called Eric
Email  - wendy@rpadental.net

CATHERINE CAMPBELL parts and logistics

Loves – Game of Thrones
Hates – Vegetables
Email – cat@rpadental.net

SARA PETER Project Coordinator

Loves - Smell of Johnson’s Baby Talc
Hates - Small Car Parking Spaces
Email  - sara@rpadental.net

MARK TAYLOR Technician – South

Loves - Estrella larger and fishing
Hates - Going to Ikea with my wife errrg !

CORRIE FINN Customer Support Advisor

Loves – Dancing on a night out
Hates – When Grace has fish for dinner
Email – caseadmin@rpadental.net

NICK LYNSKEY Dental Technician  

Loves - Pigeons & Key Rings
Hates - Stone Brick Walls
Email  - nick@rpadental.net

LORRAINE HODGES Project Coordinator

Loves– Sausage, Chips & Gravy
Hates – Black jeans that fade in the wash
Email – lorraine@rpadental.net

Joanne hunt Pastelli sales consultant

Loves - Fizzy Friday
Hates - Dodgy Feet
Email  - jo@rpadental.net


RON PETER Chairman & Founder

Loves - Shopping for Clothes & Motor Sports
Hates - Modern Technology
Email  - ron@rpadental.net


ADAM SHAW Project Manager

Loves - Purple Cardigans & Line Dancing
Hates - The Trafford Centre
Email  - adam@rpadental.net

PETER HIGSON Managing Director

Loves - High Heels, especially on women
Hates - Public Transport, and Bendy Buses
Email  - pete@rpadental.net

Antonio Bautista Technician supervisor south

Loves – Right handed guitars & red wine
Hates – Fish & Chips
Email – antonio@rpadental.net

GRACE MCGUINNESS Sales and marketing

Loves – Shih Tzu’s
Hates – A busy Primark
Email – grace@rpadental.net