My Castellini – by Kunal Patel

Why can’t you live without your Castellini chair? Name the top reasons you love it

My Castellini chair is hugely impressive. Throughout my career, no patient had ever commented on a dental chair, but they do now I have a Castellini and it is so lovely – it makes me smile every time!

One of the reasons is the comfort it affords them and me. I am not talking about comfort in the simple sense of the word. Yes, there is an enveloping and relaxing sensation they express about the chair. But it is more about the fact that once the patient is positioned, there is no need to strain their head, the chair moves in all directions and I no longer need to ask my patients to reposition themselves. The head rest is unreal with its pressurised element to support the head.

I love it that the chair also slides backwards and forwards so I can position it to suit my working position. The functionality is phenomenal. Before I would have had to change or get extra equipment to use for implant treatments, endodontics or a root canal, but with the Castellini, it has different modes everything is built-in, so it is fast and efficient – it is ready to go for every treatment. The X-ray functionality is also built into the chair, as opposed to being connected into the wall and it makes it a lot more practical and easy to manoeuvre.

The chair light is also first rate: I have never had any illumination like this, the variety of settings are without parallel in my opinion, and I now don’t need to wear loupes.

The success of a piece of equipment is often influenced by the comfort of the user, which is not negligible when you spend so much time in practice.

My Castellini makes my dentistry a lot slicker, and so much more intuitive, which means that I don’t have to worry about anything and concentrate on what I am good at.

I have to admit that I had a slight initial doubt when I made the purchase. Dentistry costs a lot and every time you inject money into the business, you want to get the value and return on investment. Now I can confidently say that I have experienced that ROI. I am impressed and thrilled with my Castellini. It makes my dentistry more efficient and also has the wow factor, which is a bonus.


Why did you opt to buy a Castellini chair?

I inherited my first Castellini from a previous practice owner. The older version is still running. However, I have recently had three new surgeries built and the reliability of the Castellini was the main driver in me purchasing three new chairs; one for each.

The chair is smart and stylish, gives more comfort both for the dentist and patient and you know it won’t let you down. However, if there is any, tiny technical issue, I get second-to-none support from RPA Dental – one of their engineers is able to connect to the chair remotely. That’s insane service and it relieves so much pressure from me, for me it is priceless.


What do patients comment about the chair?

It is almost an ice breaker. We all hear about how to best communicate with patients and how it helps patients feel at ease. Well, I feel that my chair makes patients more engaged. They talk about the comfort and are impressed by its functionalities. The spittoon automatically coming to them is something they are most impressed with!  They feel like they are VIPs on a spaceship and they enjoy the experience, and I get happy, relaxed, more compliant patients. So it is a win win.


How does the chair represent your style?

I love the comfort and style. I like treating people the way I want to be treated.


If your chair was a car, what car would it be?

A Lamborghini


If your chair was a fashion design, what would it be?

Louis Vuitton


If your chair was a watch, which would it be?

Patek Philippe


What projects are you working on at present?

I am about to purchase two other sites; it is so exciting. My whole dental clinic revolves around providing Invisalign treatment, and the demand is growing – in fact people really want to look after themselves more than ever before; I guess it is the self-care syndrome after the recent lockdown. Patients value dental professionals so much more than ever and it feels so great to be appreciated and valued.


Dr Kunal Patel, Dental Surgeon MUDR PRAGUE 2010

Dr Kunal Patel is the Principal Owner of Surrey’s rapidly expanding Love Teeth Dental practice group, national Wedding Smiles brand and pioneer of the Mini Smile Makeover technique. As well as being an opinion leader for prominent dental brands, Kunal is a prolific speaker and trainer on subjects ranging from clear aligner orthodontics with the Invisalign and iTero systems, to practice building and marketing. He is also a regular contributor to dental publications, and has appeared on national television, radio and papers. He is the face of Dentists on the National NHS 111 campaign.