My Castellini – by Alfonso Rao

“My Castellini:  The Ferrari of dental chairs”


Why can’t you live without your Castellini chair? Name the top reasons you love it

Everything I need is integrated into my Castellini chair, from an implant motor to an external camera.  It is really technologically advanced and really comfortable – from what my patients tell me – in comparison to other chairs in other dental practices. It feels great to offer that level of comfort to my patients and I appreciate the positive feedback too. The aesthetic of the chair is also very appealing.


Why did you opt to buy a Castellini chair?

When I was practising in Italy, I had a Castellini chair, a previous model to the one I have installed in my Bristol practice. I am Italian and Castellini made sense when I came to the UK. It is the main Italian brand for dental chairs in my country so it was an easy choice. The previous model had already given me full satisfaction as a surgeon and a positive experience for my patients.  Besides, the distribution in the UK is carried out by RPA and both the support and attention to detail they offer are second to none so I feel I can confidently use it and if anything happens, I am reassured that I will be sorted immediately.

The Castellini chair has an app which is somehow linked to the engineer, so if anything does happen, the engineer can log in and assess or sort the fault remotely. Alternatively, the engineer can diagnose the issue before his visit to the practice, and that means that the problem is half solved when he comes to the door, and it is also a quick fix too as he does not have to identify the fault from scratch. That is in my view totally unique to Castellini and RPA and I am thrilled by their level of service!

As a dentist, having a Castellini chair is very important. The main one I use is the top of the spectrum one and I use it mainly for teaching in my dental academy. It has a built in camera and I can carry out live surgery and have this projected so people I am training can follow.

As a specialist practice offering complex treatments, we absolutely need to ensure we arm ourselves with the best tools that are possibly available to us in order to deliver a high level of dentistry.


What do patients comment about the chair?

As I said earlier, the feedback from patients is very positive. They all say it is very comfortable. They cannot appreciate the technical components of the chair but they do see the high technology built into it and they very seem impressed by it.


How does the chair represent your style?

Having an Italian chair represents my style as an Italian dentist. It is top quality like other Italian products for high end consumers.


If your chair was a car, what car would it be?

A Ferrari as it is so high end!


If your chair was a fashion design, what would it be?

It would be Gucci. High end but available for everyone.


If your chair was a watch, which would it be?

Audemars Piguet


What projects are you working on at present?

We never stop and we are working on several extremely exciting new projects at the moment. I am setting up a dental suite in a medical and plastic surgery centre in Bristol; I have set up a teaching academy called Delta Dental Academy which includes live surgery; and I am in the process of expanding into a number of other practices in the South West.

As part of the Queens Square Dental Clinic and Delta Training Academy, I have set up a unique showroom/training centre which was completed in March 2020.  The centre piece is Castellini Skema 8 and Tao Line Dental Art Cabinets.  I have since expanded into another site with Castellini Skema 6 Cart and am currently due to be the first UK owner of the all New Puma Eli Modular Ambidextrous unit which arrives in November 2020.



Born in Italy, Dr Alfonso Rao graduated with distinction from the University of Chieti. Until 2009 he worked as an oral surgeon at hospitals in Caserta, Napoli and Pescara before moving to the UK. Since then he has worked in numerous clinics between Bath, Bristol and Cheltenham.

As the owner of Queen Square Dental Clinic, Dr Rao believes strongly in 21st century dental technology. He is passionate about continuing his education and spent three years at the Eastman Dental Institute of London, where he completed a three-year Diploma in Implant Dentistry. He also has a Masters from the Global Institute for Dental Education in Los Angeles, which he obtained in 2014

Dr Rao’s advanced training and vast knowledge provides him with the expertise to successfully provide a number of implant solutions to patients including replacing a single tooth, replacing multiple teeth, denture stabilisation using dental implants and the Straumann Pro Arch Teeth in a Day Solution.

He uses state-of-the-art x-ray technology and 3D treatment planning software to ensure precise placement of bone grafts and dental implants.

As well as being a member of the Association of Dental Implantology and ITi he is an accredited Straumann mentor. This enables him to teach implantology on several courses.