Is Your Dental Practice at Risk of Dental Downtime?

Is Your Dental Practice at Risk of Dental Downtime?

Dental downtime and have to take steps to prevent or minimise it should be real concerns for dental practices.


A cutting edge dental practice equipment is at the heart of a modern, commercial dental practice. However, for this reason, dental chairs and other equipment are more business-critical than ever.

In short, if your equipment breaks down, the downtime can be costly.


Functionality and Dependency

In the first place, dentists want effective and reliable technology that will minimise the risk of any future product failure.

It is also generally the case that the larger the piece of kit, the more downtime it will cause if it fails.

For a busy dental practice, downtime can cause significant disruption. It can be costly in terms of an engineer call-out and in cancelled appointments. Moreover, for practices marketing cosmetic dentistry treatments, any perceived inefficiency can appear as a mark against their commercial reputation.

A customer-facing approach is vital for such practices, and keeping the customer satisfied means being punctual with appointments. It is all about building the trust and confidence of patients.

Technology plays a pivotal role in modern dental practices, so it makes sense to ensure business continuity when it comes to dental equipment.


Vital Steps

Obviously, it is vital to make an informed decision when choosing dental equipment in the first place.

With dental chairs, for example, the practice should look at the lifetime costs involved, because this kind technology is central to their business.

Obviously, it makes sense to ensure the product is genuine, because while counterparts and copies may be cheaper, they may be impossible to repair.

Brands such as Castellini, Stern Weber, Morita and Kavo will have robust relationships with suppliers and dealers, and can therefore guarantee access to parts when it comes to repairs and maintenance.

Technicians rely on a strong dealer-manufacturer relationship to ensure a consistently high standard of repair, with as quick a turnaround as possible.


Dental Downtime and Preventative Maintenance

Establishing a programme of planned, preventative maintenance is a good way for dental practices to ensure their business continuity and minimise the dangers of dental downtime.

This is an effective means of keeping equipment in best working order, optimising its performance and extending lifespans.

Moreover, signing up to a reputable, professional technical support programme guarantees a level of excellence in this support.

RPA Dental’s Technical Services is made up of a team of seven professional engineers, and provides preventative maintenance and an emergency call-out service to our customers.

Our Tech Service also has a technical support line for first responses, and can draw on our well-stocked catalogue of parts, kept in storage for easy, swift access.

The aim is always to respond swiftly to repair requirements, and to resolve issues rapidly to minimise dental downtime.

The technical team will also evaluate and audit a dental practice’s equipment as part of an ongoing, preventative maintenance programme.


“The technical support we offer is crucial for the business wellbeing of our clients’ dental practices. Modern dental technology is at the heart of what they do, and consequently, excellence in technical know-how and support is one of the central pillars of RPA Dental. We’re more than suppliers of equipment, because we know how vital it is that our customers can rely on the technology they get from us.”

Pete Higson, RPA Dental