• B Futura

    Unlike traditional sterilizers, Futura does not require any external water connection for mains water treatment. Thanks to the demineralisation filter on the main tank, the user can fill the latter with plain tap water, thereby significantly optimising spaces, streamlining processes and achieving considerable savings. Futura’s filtration system guarantees unprecedented ease of operation.

    4.3” colour touch-screen for a user-friendly interface
    The B Futura sterilizer is a smart and essential working tool that ensures excellent performance also thanks to the colour LCD touch screen and user-friendly interface.
    Each control corresponds to icons that ensure an immediate reading of the machine status.

    Delayed start
    Thanks to the delayed start option it is possible to postpone the start of the machine cycles, thereby optimising its usage.

    Extra drying
    This function is used to set customised drying times for demanding loads.


    With 3Di IOS, you can, at last, easily perform a precise intraoral examination that’s pleasant for the patient and advantageous for the dental surgery. At just 150 grams, it’s one of the lightest intraoral scanners on the market.

    3Di IOS incorporates the combined experience of multiple dentists. To begin with, the ergonomics of the handpiece – the heart of the system – has been designed to adapt to a range of individual grips.

    Latest-generation Active Stereo Imaging has allowed considerable lightening of components inside the handpiece.

    Workflows have all the speed and accuracy that only digital technology can provide. Intuitive and essential, the software interface guides the user all the way to scan validation in just a few clicks.

    3Di IOS covers numerous treatment areas, from orthodontics to implantology.

    Real-time interaction with the dental technician’s lab – with the patient still in the chair – lets you plan out the best project strategy.

    Unlike traditional manual impressions, 3D scans involve no patient discomfort. What’s more, workflows have all the speed and accuracy that only digital technology can provide.


    Portable, simple, fast: high definition and technological reliability, as part of a miniature revolution.

    C-U2 HD becomes your new method of working, communicating, imagining.

    Reality has never been so clear. High definition details and innovative design for maximum comfort. C-U2 HD: the perfection of a complete high definition examination.

    Precise, sharp and clear, only C-U2 HD offers you clear and contrasted images under all circumstances. It shows/visualizes the aesthetic aspect of a smile or a single tooth with maximum high resolution. The best.

    IMAGINE. Professional optical system and uniform field of view, -distortion-free. Thanks to the F/8 lens aperture and the innovative HD sensor, you get homogeneous lights and natural colours. Under all circumstances.

    • HD sensor (16:9)
    • 8 powerful LED’s with optical diffuser
    • Optical group with 7 high purity glass lenses, F/8
    • 50x enlargement
    • Direct Digital Technology (progressive Scan)
    • NativeUSBConnection



    Precision and speed. In less than a minute. Personalize your work with the best interface for your needs. More possibilities, maximum result.
    The best software for your clinical needs.

    iRYS quickly elaborates all kinds of acquired data and enables you to browse around the different images. Try and generate panoramic scans, cephalometry and three-dimensional bone models.

    iRYS presents a multiple desktop management system so as to quickly visualize the images on the screen and effortlessly move from one page to the other.

    • Preloaded implant libraries
    • Implant simulation
    • Compatibility with other software
    • Data sharing with 2D and 3D Viewer
    • Evolved image filters

    With Advanced Implant Planning (NIP) you define the exact position of the implant directly on the 3D model on the basis of the definitive prosthetic project imported from the CAD. All in 3D. It evaluates the quantity of bone and the surrounding anatomic structures, such as the mandibular canal, defining a minimum safety distance. It quantifies the required volume if sinus lift is to be performed. It exports the bone model and implants in STL so the surgical guide can be printed independently. Thus ensuring there are no doubts for the patient either.


    With a source-to-skin distance of 30 cm, achieved thanks to an embedded collimator, RXDC eXTend generates far sharper images than standard X-ray units which typically feature a parallelism significantly limited by shorter collimation.

    Everything you need to obtain excellent images is contained in one handheld wireless digital control device. There are no other wall-mounted or wired control panels to worry about. No more complex programming or button-crowded panels. This portable device offers a full range of easy-to-understand exposure scenarios. Simply by selecting the region of interest, both RXDC Hypersphere+ and RXDC eXtend automatically define the correct exposure.



    When it comes to ergonomics, wireless convenience and image clarity, unrivalled HyperSphere technology places this high-frequency unit in a class of its own.

    Revolutionary positioning device

    Able to revolve freely around the sphere, the lightweight, compact tube head reaches practically any position, including the vertical.

    Simply press the touch-sensitive zones to unlock the tube head for quick and easy positioning. As soon as you let go, the tube head is locked in place with the utmost precision.

    Simple wireless control

    Everything you need to obtain excellent images is contained in one handheld wireless digital control device. There are no other wall-mounted or wired control panels to worry about. No more complex programming or button-crowded panels. This portable device offers a full range of easy-to-understand exposure scenarios. Simply by selecting the region of interest, both RXDC Hypersphere+ and RXDC eXtend automatically define the correct exposure.



    Maximum flexibility for your diagnoses. Hyperion X9 pro is fully configurable and its modular and scalable design makes it possible to transition from a basic to a more advanced version in an easy and cost-effective manner. An extraordinary platform that adapts to the needs of your dental practice thanks to the 2D PAN/CEPH sensor that can be easily relocated and to the reversible teleradiographic arm which can be installed on both sides. The most compact 3-in-1 hybrid system available on the market for high-quality 2D and 3D examinations.

    • Easily upgradable to every configuration
    • Reversible CEPH arm
    • Relocatable 2D sensor or two dedicated sensors for PAN and CEPH
    • The most compact 3-in-1 system


    • Diagnostics in the palm of your hand
    • Instant high resolution X-ray images at your fingertips.
    • No wires, no power supply, no extra software, no need for a PC. Just shoot, view and store as you wish.
    • Ready for use in any surgery
    • X-pod is a totally self-sufficient device. This means that whatever X-ray unit you have in your surgery, X-pod will work with it. Just as a portable sat-nav device works in any vehicle, X-pod instantly saves you time and money in the surgery.
    • All-day-long battery power
    • No need for power cords or adapters when carrying out everyday tasks. The lithium-polymer battery provides enough independent power for a full day of image acquisition, image display, image management and data sharing.



    Simply there when you need it

    Zen-X is a premium quality digital sensor with multiple connection possibilities for use on x-pod, any PC with a USB port and certain dental units.

    Easy, fast, mobile. Powerful USB connectivity makes the system extraordinarily convenient and mobile. No unwieldy power connections, thanks to low power requirements sourced directly from the USB port.  The pocketsize control box can be taken from room to room and from desktop to laptop with ease.

    Ergonomic design ensures maximum patient comfort. Smooth sensor edges and rounded corners adapt perfectly to the anatomical shape of the oral cavity, simplifying sensor positioning.



    3D/2D Ceph suspended imaging system

    A complete family of dental imaging solutions for all dental surgeries.

    Designed for surgeries that require three-dimensional diagnostic potential, the 3D/2D-configuration Hyperion X5 offers just the right solution and simultaneously provides excellent 2D performance. The optional integration of the teleradiographic arm further boosts the diagnostic capacity.

    Accessing the potential of 3D exams has never been easier or more effective. Thanks to dedicated mechanisms, patient positioning solutions and exclusive automatisms that help ensure a positive outcome with every examination, dentists can exploit the full potential of 3D.

    • Automatic sensor and collimator alignment
    • Ultra-high sensitivity 3D-PAN sensor
    • Adjustable and ergonomic head support
    • 3D MultiFOV, from 6×6 to 10×10 cm

    Hyperion X5 offers a wide selection of 2D programs for panoramic and cephalometric quality images, full of details useful to deliver an effective and safe diagnosis while protecting the patient’s health.

    • Orthogonal projections
    • Quick scanning
    • Variable collimation
    • Software programs for adults and children
    • Servo-assisted positioning (laser guides)

    Designed to integrate the 2D sensor-equipped arm to perform cephalometric exams, Hyperion X5 is the most versatile system on the market, providing a broad range of examinations covering every possible clinical need.

    • Minimal bulk
    • Ultra-fast scan
    • TOP CEPH examinations
    • Optimised alignment
    • Operating comfort


  • Tethys H10 Plus

    Designed to give you the best. The best performance in a simple and fast work-flow.
    An innovative device that replaces the numerous manual tasks typical of the stages preceding sterilization, thus reducing the operator’s workloads.
    Tethys H10 Plus makes the instrument reconditioning process even simpler and more functional.

    Tethys H10 Plus makes the reconditioning process even simpler and more functional. Decontamination, washing, thermal disinfection and drying are all performed in a single, rapid, automatic process.
    One cycle that eliminates all risks for the operator and efficiently completes the four phases that precede instruments’ packaging and sterilization.

    The instruments are placed in baskets without requiring any rinsing. A prewash with a rotor at low temperatures eliminates residues and avoids the risk of proteins fixing to the instruments in the successive high temperature treatment.

    Tethys H10 Plus washing is characterised by the strength of ultrasound, allowing the removal of any adhering traces.

    Tethys H10 Plus is a professional device provided with a 90 °C thermal disinfection process according to EN ISO 15883-1/2. Thanks to the heating action, the elimination of microorganisms through a validated process is guaranteed.

    After the disinfection phase, the vapours and humidity present in the tank are eliminated thanks to a forced-draught drying phase that is purified with an integrated HEPA filter. At the end of the process, the instruments are ready for the subsequent packaging phase.

MyRay have decades of experience in the dental sector. We understand your requirements and how your workflow will improve if we give you the right tools. We create those tools by constantly focusing on your real needs.

Our goal is to provide dentists and radiologists with nothing less than the very best available technology.

It’s an approach that demands innovative ideas, ideas which turn technology into tangible benefits that can be appreciated in the dental surgery every single day.

MyRay is a worldwide name in image-assisted diagnostics, a brand that has earned the trust of dental professionals and radiologists all over the world.

The product range, each with specific technological innovations aimed at enhancing the in-surgery work experience, includes intraoral cameras, X-ray units and wireless sensors, 2D panoramic imagers, Cone Beam 3D multiple imaging platforms and high-performance software.
Now present on every continent, our sales team enjoys the support of highly qualified technical staff offering local assistance and remote support via the web or over the phone. All MyRay personnel benefit from intensive product training at regular intervals to ensure they’re always ready respond to your every need. Our promise of reliability, then, extends far beyond the product itself to include the sound, specialised advice we provide to our customers.


  • SKEMA 5

    The Skema 5 ergonomic concept is based on this analysis and aims to provide numerous practical solutions suited to all types of therapeutic requirements.

    A highly flexible set-up and considerable scope for personalisation allow staff to operate freely, thus encouraging efficiency and reducing risk factors linked to physical stress.

    Latest-generation micromotors, ultrasound handpieces, turbines and contra-angles, 6 different models of foot control and a vast accessory range make the Skema 5 the perfect surgery tool, providing dentists with support throughout the working day.

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  • SKEMA 8

    Skema 8 is the complete Castellini treatment centre. Equipped with a selection of fully integrated specialist instruments and exclusive technologies.

    The unit offers on one hand the freedom and flexibility of an all-inclusive concept whilst on the other hand the solid assurance of Castellini design. Whatever the specialisation, from conservative dentistry to oral surgery, dental surgeons can turn to Skema 8 for immediate answers: a brushless micromotor capable of extensive torque values, the LAEC system which offers maximum efficiency and clinical safety in endodontic treatments, Autosteril for total hygiene and the latest Castellini surgical ultrasound handpiece. In terms of comfort and ergonomics, the hydraulic patient chair is an unrivalled example of design excellence, ensuring far more than simply synchronised movements. In all clinical situations, Skema 8 represents the peak of quality, working comfort and advanced performance – a thoroughbred.

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    Puma Eli Ambidextrous allows dentists to change the instrument set-up from right to left –and vice versa– quickly and easily, making it ideal for both right and left-handed users.

    The changeover takes just a few minutes, is simple and requires no technical assistance, making the unit suitable for a wide range of operating styles. The result is a complete, multipurpose dental unit, designed to convert flexibility into maximum efficiency.

    Comfort for patient and staff alike is a must, contributing to excellent outcomes, however serious or superficial the treatment. Patients who feel at ease will be more collaborative, providing benefits for the dental team too. That’s why the Puma ELI Ambidextrous has been designed to maximise patient comfort.

    Thanks to compensated movements between backrest and seat, the patient chair accompanies the patient gently, minimising compression in the lumbar area. Fluid movement – especially during starts and stops – is always reassuring and creates a sensation of well-being during treatment.

    Available as an optional feature, the padded upholstery adapts to patients of any build, ensuring proper anatomical support and maximum comfort at all times.

    Castellini has always recognised the significance of the assistant’s role. That’s why we provide a variety of solutions to meet every possible preference. The module arm may be of the single or height-adjustable and double-articulated type to place it nearer the patient. Connected to the unit body, the module performs the same movement both leftward and rightward.

    The assistant can manage a wide range of functions via the on- module control panel. This lets dentists focus their attention on actual treatment.

    To make the dentist’s work easier and treatment more efficient, it’s important to be able to control instruments and integrated systems via a simple, user-friendly console. Dentists can monitor and set operating parameters via the touchscreen with alphanumeric keyboard and X-ray viewer or with an optional advanced-function LCD Touchscreen.

    We have interviewed a number of clients on how they successfully use Castellini Dental units, click here to read.


  • Dental Art Ki-per
    A place to store our personal stuff, at home or wherever.
    A space to empty our pockets into, and even charge the phone.
    An ambient light and a furniture complement.

    KI-PER BASIC storage, lock

    KI-PER LIGHT &CHARGE storage, lock, charge (2 ports hub), LED backlight