For over a century, KaVo has been expanding its role as a leader in innovation, quality and technological advances for the dental community. 

Delivering dental excellence to universities, hospitals, government institutions and surgeries, with solutions covering the full dental equipment spectrum.

Working in close collaboration with KaVo for several years has enabled RPA Dental to develop its expertise and knowledge of KaVo products.  This gives the peace of mind that the right products will be selected in the first instance and downtime can be minimised in the unlikely event that anything needs attention.  RPA Dental ensures that the distribution, installation and after-sales support of KaVo’s state-of-the-art products can be delivered to the highest standard.

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    KAVO E30

    E30 – Aspirational is now Affordable

    Each detail of the ambidextrous E30 is aimed at efficiency, flexibility and ease of use. The perfectly matched components ensure cost-efficient operation with high durability. The integrated service functions lead to low costs and operational safety and the 3 year parts and labour warranty give additional peace of mind.

    Key benefits

    Ambidextrous – Change from left to right handed position and vice versa in under two minutes for maximum versatility.

    Hygienic – Many removable components including spittoon bowl, swing arm and silicone pad, easy filter replacement and intensive germ reduction.

    Intuitive – Five individually configurable handpiece holders and easy control of functions thanks to the direct buttons and intuitive film keypad.

    Ergonomic – Adjust between a lowest position of 350mm and a highest position of 830mm.

    Table and Swing Arm versions available.

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  • RPA Dental Equipment Kavo E50 Life Read more

    Your Life. Your Work. Your Style

    The E50 Life treatment unit enables dental procedures to be optimised and simplified.  Its intuitive features and direct selection key control create a logical surgery workflow and its automated hygiene functions assist practice efficiency and safety.  The E50 reaches a new standard in comfort for both patients and the dental team.

    Key benefits

    Ergonomic –  Streamlined chair design, optimised soft upholstery and integrated Trendelenburg movement for patient comfort

    Hygienic – Automated hygiene functions for time-saving and easy cleaning, with easy to remove, clean and replace components

    Patient communication – KaVo ERGOcam One, the easy to use intraoral camera and new high resolution KaVo Screens in 19” and 22”

    Available in Table and Swing arm versions.

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    KAVO PRIMUS 1058

    Tried, tested and truly trusted

    The KaVo Primus 1058 is one of the numerous success stories of KaVo due to its robustness and is relied upon by more than 30,000 Dentists across the World.  The KaVo Primus 1058 offers a well-thought-out dentist element, easy-to-use assistant element, automated hygiene system, ergonomic features for the dentist, assistant and patient and a host of other specialised functions.

    Key benefits

    Comfort – Ergonomic seat recess in the patient’s chair and integrated lumbar support to comfortably accommodate a wide range of physical needs.

    Multifunctional Foot Control – operates chair movements, instruments and multimedia system and enables relaxed lateral movement and reduces muscle stress.

    Hygienic – Automated hygiene, HYDROclean and intensive disinfection functions provide safety for both the dental team and patients.

    Available in table, cart and swing arm versions.

    The 1058 COMPACTchair

    If you are looking for a comfortable treatment unit to fit into a smaller surgery, the KaVo Primus 1058 COMPACTchair could be the answer. It can be tilted to make it more accessible for older patients and easily moved from the 80°, upright sitting position into the supine position. It is possible to talk to your patients while they are in a natural seated position.

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  • RPA Dental Equipment Kavo E70 E80 Vision Read more

    In touch with your vision

    The E70/E80 Vision focuses on the needs of the clinician and the clinical team with features that add real benefit to daily surgery life and enhance workflow.  It takes the functionality of a treatment centre to a whole new level to simplify patient communication and hygiene processes whilst maximising on ergonomics.

    Key benefits

    Simple control and more fluent workflow – Sensitive touch screen control panel on the dentist and assistant element for fast, direct access to features to aid smooth workflow.

    Easier patient communication – New digital intraoral camera and high resolution HD KaVo screens in 22“ and KaVo Screen One in 19“ to aid patient communication. DIAGNOcam and Leica dental microscope can now be fully integrated.

    More automated hygiene process – A new integrated hygiene centre offers easy to clean, removable components and 4 cleaning programmes.

    Style and design – AGR certified suspended chair concept for maximum leg room, horizontal movement of the seat elevation (E80 only), new adjustable arm rests and Blue Line special edition featuring ocean blue and smoke blue colours

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