Here at RPA Dental Equipment, we listen to our customers, and in acknowledging all dentists have their individual requirements, we have selected the very best brands in order to give you the best quality within your budget.

Cattani invests in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, product development and energy saving research, delivering unbeatable performance and power. Cattani Smart suction systems utilise an industry first variable speed drive, reducing noise, heat and power consumption.

Our suction systems are hand-built and produce high performance at affordable prices. Cattani Smart systems are supplied with a 3 year warranty on all major components (Terms & Conditions apply). We have a full range of suction systems ranging from single surgery to complete custom built modular units for hospitals, meaning that there is a system to suit the requirements of your clinic.

All amalgam separators are fully ISO11143 and Bautechnik Compliant, with over 98% filtration across the complete range. A full range of tip supports, isolation valves, spittoon valves and hygiene consumables are available to complement the systems, and maintain their performance.

Cattani have earned their reputation from over 50 years in the market place, supplying suction and compressed air, via the leading dental retailers, to dental facilities, hospitals, universities and the MOD.


Bambi Air Compressors is a Birmingham-based manufacture of a range of air compressors and accessories for a number of different applications. Our meticulously engineered products have been consistently improved and time-tested since Bambi’s inception in 1977.

Bambi manufacture a variety of dental air compressors for use in up to eight surgeries. Our range of oil free compressors are industry leading and they are the first choice for dentists in Great Britain and many other countries across the world. Our Vertical Twin pumps utilise innovative titling piston technology; providing the highest possible air quality for critical, dental applications.

Our compressors are manufactured with soft start solenoid valves. This valve discharges the air pressure in the pump whenever the power is disconnected. This provides the compressor with protection from potential overload and also extends the life cycle of the compressor in conjunction with proper maintenance.

The Bambi oil free dental range are manufactured with our innovative integral air dryers. The compressed air is filtered through the dryer to deliver desert dry air into the dental appliances. The fan assisted after-cooler will dramatically reduce air temperature before it enters the dryer; this allows the coalescing filter to remove droplets of moisture as small as 0.01 microns from the air. Our compressors also have a dew point of -40°C; this means that all of our dental compressors are fully compliant with HTM2022 legislation.

If noise is a concern for a dental surgery; we have also have our innovative VTS silent range of compressors. We have carefully studied air flow dynamics and ventilation techniques to create a product which is kept cool and operates at a noise level as low as 54 dB(A) thanks to our sophisticated acoustic cabinets.


Almost anyone who has ever visited a dentist has already been treated with products from Dürr Dental. This company has been a reliable partner of dental/medical practitioners for more 70 years.

DÜRR DENTAL AG was founded in 1941 by the brothers Karl and Wilhelm Dürr from Gechingen in the Black Forest. The precision workshops were set up in Stuttgart-Feuerbach. The headquarters of the German company are now located in Bietigheim-Bissingen. Here, around 400 employees are engaged in production, research and development as well as sales and marketing.

The Dürr Dental Group currently has around 1000 employees throughout the world and enjoyed a turnover of 220 million euros in 2014, and is represented by company personnel in 40 countries. “I am pleased to be able to look back over 70 years of a successful company history and I am looking forward to the future with confidence”, says Martin Dürrstein, CEO of DÜRR DENTAL AG. The name of “Dürr Dental” has epitomised progress and innovation in dental medicine for decades. Many standards of modern surgeries are attributable to the company’s developments. This includes, for example, oil-free dental compressed air and hygienic spray-mist suction. However, the wide product range of this medium-sized company also includes contact-free preparation and towel dispensers and a special prophylaxis cannula.

Today, dentists around the world are pleased to trust in the engineering designs of Dürr Dental. The company offers numerous system solutions in the fields of Equipment, Diagnostic Systems and Hygiene. “With its developments, Dürr Dental is setting standards for innovation and technology. We have the right solution for all requirements”, stresses Martin Dürrstein. To ensure the highest possible level of quality, the company carries out virtually all production at its business location of Germany.


METASYS has established itself worldwide as a producer of high quality dental products. Main part of the corporate identity is the high sensibility for environmental problems which can be noticed in all our products and services.

The METASYS philosophy aims at offering integrated solutions for all needs of a dental surgery: Modern hygiene products, amalgam separation as well as suction systems and compressors which complement each other and meet the high environmental standards of METASYS. Our high-grade technologies protect our water reserves from contamination through mercury and dangerous chemicals helping to avoid unnecessary waste of drinking water.

For METASYS, it all began with the amalgam separators. In 1988, it started off as a small “inventor’s business” and began the development of amalgam separation technologies. METASYS continues to set new standards in the field of amalgam separation and is known as one of the leading companies concerning amalgam separating technologies.

To meet the demands of both customers and the market, METASYS meanwhile offers a wide range of products around dental office equipment: suction systems, compressors, hygiene systems, water decontamination systems, a wide range of disinfectants, as well as an in-house amalgam recycling services. Today, METASYS is an expanding Tyrolean company that has become a dependable partner for dentists as well as trade and industry associates with its innovative products and reliable services.