Can Dental Equipment Market Cosmetic Dentistry?

Dental equipment and advanced dental technology are key elements in the increasing popularity of cosmetic dental treatments, and the spread of practices carrying them out.


However, while innovative dental chairs, dental imaging and other equipment help in delivering great outcomes, could they also be used more effectively in marketing dental services?



Marketing and Cosmetic Dentistry

Whereas it might be relatively straightforward for people to see the need for regular dental check-ups, or treatment for things like cavities, cosmetic dentistry can come across differently.

How do you persuade people to make a commitment to cosmetic dental treatments?

On the one hand, cosmetic dentistry is far more the norm in the UK than it once was, and increasing numbers of people are willing to pay for treatments.

On the other, this same growth in acceptability and popularity means that there is more competition out there for any dental practice trying to attract patients for aesthetic dentistry.

Dentists must, therefore, market themselves, like other businesses offering commercial services do.


What does this mean for dentists?

They need to think in terms of target markets, and what media to use to do this. They must develop a clear brand identity, and be strategic in how they publicise this to attract their ideal audience of prospective patients.


Promotional Approaches

Dentists are not, traditionally, seen as especially dynamic or innovative when it comes to marketing their services.

A big part of this is that their essential services are seen as a necessity, so people come to them naturally.

But cosmetic dentistry is different. Dentists must work to publicise the treatments they offer and, vitally, the advanced technology and dental equipment they use to carry these treatments out.

Why promote dental equipment, isn’t it just the means to the end?

Not exactly. Dental equipment is now far more advanced, and dental imaging especially can help patients visualise the outcomes of their cosmetic treatment.

Plus, innovative equipment such as dental chairs add to an improve patient experience, helping to minimise discomfort and the fear factor that often comes with visiting the dentist, for whatever reason.


Dental Equipment as Marketing Leverage

To a large extent, dentists benefit from referral marketing, whereby patient recommendations bring in new business.

But while the usual marketing approach is to sell the benefits of a product or service, rather than the features, in the case of cosmetic dentistry, the features can very much help to differentiate the practice.

For example, social media activity, and visual posts especially, can benefit from showcasing both the results of treatment, and the advanced technology employed to achieve them.

This is not about blinding people with science, but using modern dental equipment as a form of leverage, to help establish a commercial dental practice in its niche, with its target audience.

This also applies to the patient experience when visiting the practice. If it is overwhelmingly positive, and largely pain-free, then the equipment has done its job in helping to market the treatment.


“Cosmetic dentistry is competitive, and like an athlete who benefits from the latest technology in improving performance, so dentists can better promote the excellence of the treatments they offer if they have the advanced means to carry them out, using the latest, cutting edge, dental equipment.”

Pete Higson, RPA Dental