Below are a selection of testimonials from our customers.

“This project was the start of a prosperous working relationship with RPA Dental. As soon as I met Pete Higson [Managing Director], I knew he would understand what I wanted to achieve. He and his team did everything they said they would and so much more; they really went beyond the call of duty – their customer service was, without a doubt, exceptional. They have the same ethos as we do at DRMR – nothing is too much, and they’re always available to help. Pete remained accessible and personal throughout; even if I called at 9pm with questions, he was willing and able to help. In fact, Pete still checks in on me now with phone calls and sends engineers to service the equipment without me asking to ensure everything continues to run efficiently.

For colleagues looking to build their own squat practice, it is essential to find your tribe – if you work with the right people who share your vision, you will succeed. You need to collaborate with organisations that can meet your expectations and your budget. When you find your kind of people, the process of building and growing your business is made that much easier!”

Dr Manrina Rhode

“My Castellini chair is hugely impressive. Throughout my career, no patient had ever commented on a dental chair, but they do now I have a Castellini and it is so lovely – it makes me smile every time!  

One of the reasons is the comfort it affords them and me.  I am not talking about comfort in the simple sense of the word. Yes, there is an enveloping and relaxing sensation they express about the chair. But it is more about the fact that once the patient is positioned, there is no need to strain their head, the chair moves in all directions and I no longer need to ask my patients to reposition themselves. The head rest is unreal with its pressurised element to support the head.”

Dr Kunal Patel

“Opting for the right dental chair is part of our bigger, overarching strategy of empowering the patient and changing their experience of dentistry.  We feel that the smallest details – such as providing them with the most comfortable and attractive chair – has enabled us to meet the highest standards of personal care, and we are confident that this enhances the patient’s overall experience ”

Dr Chris Ball

“My very first purchase was two Castellini Logos units from RPA Dental; at the time the very highest level of specification from Castellini.  Now, some 16 years later, and we have twelve Castellini Packages in operation, and we have just taken ownership of the new Castellini Skema 8 unit.  My current Skema 8 leaves nothing to chance, I operate for every discipline with one seamless treatment center, and its performance, precise control and style enables me to carry out the very best dentistry.”

Dr Kay Solanki

“RPA has been consistent throughout the process. It is comforting to see that there are companies out there who are still happy to go the extra mile. Communications has been constant and truly amazing. I can genuinely say that no matter how late my calls were, there was always someone ready to listen, help and advise. Adam Shaw was always on hand to give me advice when I was unsure on how to progress and acted as the project manager, liaising with everyone to ensure that my journey was a smooth and stress-free one. The team were accommodating and anticipated my every need.  In fact, it was a really flawless service.  Interestingly I was not treated with any favour as other dentists reported that their experience with RPA had been exactly the same, just brilliant. 

When you spend a lot of money, you want to be certain that someone will be there when you need it. RPA always sends engineers out fast when you have issues which is so reassuring.  They supply high quality chairs that are computer programmable which means we can personalise for each practitioner.  The equipment also features nice touches for the patients: when you sit them up for a rinse, the bowl swivels towards them automatically, the water from the 3 in 1 syringe is heated so that it is not too cold and sensitive for patients. That is the kind of small details that makes a difference to me, and I like to think makes a difference to my patients. 

Some of the equipment RPA supplies is more expensive than other versions, but as they are higher quality, they last longer, so worth investing in, and RPA was also able to price match some equipment like the Nomad handheld x-ray and Pspix x-ray processor.  You also have to factor in the level of support, service and advice, and that added value is priceless. 

Dr Angela Ly

“Thanks to our relationship with RPA Dental two flagship Kavo E80 dental chair packages and one of its E50 chair packages were instated in the three new surgeries, whilst our Kavo patriotism extends to the installation of Kavo OP3D Pro CBCT unit, a Kavo Nomad X-ray and a Kavo Scan Exam. Considerable investment was required on plant for this facility, as the training centre for 20 delegates needed vacuum and air which resulted in the purchase of industrial medical grade compressors and suctions systems from Durr Dental.”

Dr Monik Vasant

“I am sure that many of my peers would agree that the career path we had projected after qualifying is different from the one we have since experienced.Dentistry is such an exciting profession that ambitious dentists want to go the extra mile and take up new challenges we would have never dreamt of when we were novices.

Two years ago before lockdown, we relocated to new state-of-the-art premises in Manchester with a view to taking on more patients and grow the practice offering.Manchester Dental Practice is now the sole provider of NHS dental services in Manchester City Centre and treats more than 18,000 patients each year.

I had used RPA Dental in the past and its customer service had surpassed my expectations – I particularly admired its values, and the way they look after you every step of the way, so there was no reason why I would look elsewhere for my new practice kit out.When our relocation was discussed with RPA in advance and I explained that I wanted them to assess which existing equipment we could transfer over to the new practice and what new equipment had to be purchased.They understood my limitations and advised me accordingly, but what I particularly liked was the fact that they could see where I wanted this project to go and did not compromise my vision.”

Dr Asif Saleem

“We purchased our first dental chair 12 years ago and it has been in action for over 24,960 hours with it if we look at an average 40-hour week!In all that time I vaguely remember three minor issues we encountered.I would think that many of my peers would have sadly experienced a far higher number of chair-related problems in a decade. Our secret is love and care, and RPA Dental!”

Dr Sunil Hirani

“In order of importance to me was first and foremost its safety features – particularly those relating to decontamination and cross infection control. The auto sterile feature and the fact that all the handles, bits and bobs come off and can go into the autoclave, that for me is the key thing – the number 1 reason and all the more pertinent now! Number 2 was the equipment itself – the sheer range of equipment options available is impressive.

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Dr Michael R. Norton BDS FDS RCS(Ed)

“When I was practising in Italy, I had a Castellini chair, a previous model to the one I have installed in my Bristol practice. I am Italian and Castellini made sense when I came to the UK. It is the main Italian brand for dental chairs in my country so it was an easy choice. The previous model had already given me full satisfaction as a surgeon and a positive experience for my patients.  Besides, the distribution in the UK is carried out by RPA and both the support and attention to detail they offer are second to none so I feel I can confidently use it and if anything happens, I am reassured that I will be sorted immediately.

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Dr Alfonso Rao – Queens Square Dental Clinic and Delta Training Academy

“Colosseum Dental whole-heartedly recommend RPA Dental for their products and services.

The team at RPA Dental are a pleasure to work with and ensure that they deliver high-quality service across our dental practice network.

When you purchase equipment from RPA Dental, you can rest assured that your practice will be kitted with high-quality and reliable products. This is backed up by excellent after-sales care and customer service.

 We look forward to our partnership continuing well into the future.

Colosseum Dental

“RPA helped me create my new practice and the kit available now makes it so much easier to fix people at the highest level. A patient of ours fell asleep two weeks ago halfway through a double implant placement and apicectomy. I thought for a moment he’d died, until he started snoring !”

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Dr Ray McNamara

“I chose the Stern Weber S320TR unit with limited edition short arms that was launched at IDS Cologne 2017,” says Dr Winkler, “which is not only aesthetically pleasing to look at with its nice soft lines, but extremely robust.

“Technologically, the unit has endless opportunities as far as the control panel is concerned, and has helped no end in a number of treatments from implant surgery to general dentistry.

“As per Paulo Maló’s advice, I have also invested in a Brandon medical examination light, which may have been more expensive than an ordinary dental lamp, but is much brighter and so much more effective in reducing shadowing.

“Then to finish off, I had the MyRay RXDC Hypersphere+ X-ray dental unit installed, which features wireless controls as well as a unique revolving sphere for optimal manoeuvrability.

“Overall, I am extremely happy with the result. I just hope that Manchester United does half as well as RPA Dental has in my practice!”

Dr David Winkler

“I started wearing Pastelli when I lived in Italy, and I haven’t looked back,” says Dr Nina Bal Gourgey, a Cosmetic Dental Surgeon and Facial Aesthetics expert at both Oasis on 21 Kensington Street and Sonria Dental Clinic in Marylebone.

“I have both the Houston slim fit lab coat with silver Lurex lining and classic Erevan lab coat as well as a Beirut matching tunic and trousers with a mandarin collar and tailored cuffs.

“All of my garments are extremely durable, comfortable to wear and very easy to wash and maintain, which ultimately is down to the quality of the material and manufacturing processes used by Pastelli.

“What I love the most about my uniforms, however, is the cut – nothing else fits like Pastelli. It’s important to me that I look and feel my best in practice, and through their designs, Pastelli helps me achieve that.

“As for the service from RPA Dental, not only was Joanne kind, helpful and efficient, but she always kept me up to date on the status of all my orders. I can’t recommend Pastelli and RPA Dental highly enough.”

Dr Nina Bal Gourgey

“At E-line Orthodontics we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional service, so when we decided to upgrade our uniforms we put a lot of time into finding the very best,” says Dr Kaval Patel, one of the practice’s specialist Orthodontists.

Pastelli uniforms offer a unique combination of comfort, durability and style that is noticeably head and shoulders above the rest.

“The contemporary, sharp, modern cut was exactly what we wanted; we’re very happy with them and would highly recommend Pastelli.”

Dr Kaval Patel

We chose to source our new cabinetry and dental Packages from RPA Dental due to the company’s reputation for high quality products and our first hand experiences with their service team in the past,” he says.

“We needed durable cabinetry that would be practical but also look great as we searched for a product to compliment the look and feel we wanted to achieve. The wide selection of colours and configurations available from the Tavom range ensured the design aspect was exactly as required whilst allowing our branding to be reflected within the colour scheme”.

Dr Nigel Saynor

I have been a Castellini customer for 20 years having been the first surgery in the UK to install the Castellini Logos dental unit, which includes a raft of surgical instrumentation and facilities, designed to support oral and dental implant surgery.

“I have always found the Castellini brand to be innovative, high spec and ergonomic as well as providing classic Italian style. Unfortunately, I always had some concerns about the after sales support, which at times was lacking and I was never able to benefit from fully scheduled servicing; that was until recently when RPA Dental Equipment Ltd reached out to introduce themselves to me.

Dr Michael Norton

In setting up a surgery for the first time, there are many aspects that are daunting and complete unknowns. I am a firm believer in following recommendations and did so in approaching RPA Dental to provide quotations for the various options of dentals packages and digital x-ray equipment. Their knowledge, experience and commitment was apparent from the outset. I can say without hesitation that they met every expectation both in their pre- and after sales service. They have been, and continue to be, a pleasure to work with.

Dr Amin Aminian

“The new MyRay X9 CT/OPG/Lateral Ceph machine has completely transformed our practice.”

Mark Edmondson, a Specialist in Oral Surgery from Bamford Dental Practice in Rochdale, Manchester, is one of many highly satisfied MyRay customers.

“The ability to offer high quality imaging without delay has been a massive boost to the practice. Taking Cone Beam scans has proved very easy as my nurse sets everything up for me to check before we proceed. The quality of the OPGs from this machine is the best I have ever seen and I work in 3 different practices, all with similar technology.

Dr Mark Edmondson

RPA Dental has always provided me with excellent products, service and advice in a variety of projects, both large and small, over many years. They understand the dental industry with all the requirements and I have no hesitation in recommending this excellent team.

Dr Chris Potts,
Broom Lane Dental Practice

Excellent service from a team that can’t do enough to help. I would recommend RPA Dental time and time again. We use them for everything because we know if we need after-care service, no one is quite as efficient and helpful.

Dr Ravinder Varaich,
Wansbeck House

I’ve worked with RPA Dental for over 17 years. Purchasing and setting up 4 practices, from small NHS rural locations though to our City Centre Referral Facility, Training centre & Laboratory.
The RPA guys are truly part of my team, they have always been there every step of the way offering support and service. They place my needs before their own, they are simply faultless. We at the Mall, love working with them.

Dr Phil Broughton,
The Mall Advanced Dental Care

Personal, Efficient, Thorough and Informative

Dr Nick Hall, orthodontist at Bamford Dental Practice in Greater Manchester, is one of many long-term customers of Castellini and Tavom UK.

“Having worked with Castellini / Tavom UK for many years, we have first-hand experience of the excellent service and quality of equipment,” he says. “My previous surgery had provided 14 years of first class reliable service and I saw no reason not to continue with the companies.

“The design phase of my most recent project was personal, efficient, thorough and informative, with plenty of choice of materials, designs and colours. The installation proceeded absolutely as planned, on schedule and with support on hand when we first used the new surgery. The instruction on the use of the Skema 6 Cart was straightforward and hands on with help easily available if required.

“Having used the new equipment for six months I can say it has functioned perfectly, keeping the surgery running smoothly and efficiently. Overall the level of service has, as always, been excellent. Castellini / Tavom UK understand my needs and requirements as a busy orthodontist and have provided a first class surgery installed to the highest standard.”

Bamford Dental Practice

Faultless service from Castellini

For over 70 years Castellini has been supplying the dental industry with innovative and stylish dental units. Well-respected for its comprehensive product range and attention to detail, Castellini has become a by-word for manufacturing excellence.

Jo Murphy, Practice Manager at Kiln Lane Dental Ltd in St Helens, Merseyside was particularly impressed with the Skema 6, and comments:

‘The Skema 6 units were just what we were looking for in terms of price, specification and the ability to upgrade and add to them as and when we need to. The simplicity of the units was a major attraction – they are simple to use and clean, yet technically advanced.”

And it’s not just the quality of its products that Castellini is renowned for.

“Customer service before and after the purchase of the Skema 6 units was as it would be expected to be from Castellini: faultless,” Jo adds. “We have used its services for over 25 years and do not see that changing any time soon. That should be enough to reassure any new customer! The team are reliable and honest, and I would recommend them without a second thought.'”

Kilnlane Dental

MyRay better definition by far

Dr Darren King from Manchester, who operates three practices including a Specialist Orthodontic Contract says

“Together with my team we looked at many Digital OPG Systems before selecting the MyRay brand.

We did our homework we saw the MyRay systems at an international Dental Show and really liked the special features of the USB Interface and the iPad application. We came back and arranged an appointment with the MyRay UK Team

We knew that although MyRay was relatively unknown with the UK, their global presence is huge and as part of the Cefla group, we had the assurance of one of Europe’s Largest Dental Manufacturers behind our purchase.

Our Supplier truly knew his product and was able to comfortably answer all our queries, installation was planned to perfection and the training has been superb, any assistance we have required, “even our silly mistakes” have been dealt with efficiently and swiftly.

Image quality and integration has been outstanding compared to previous experiences with other manufacturers. Capital equipment purchases are more than buying a box, sadly we’ve had bad experiences before, so we were really glad we found the guys from MyRay.

So much so, we have purchased three MyRay X9’s and converted all our Dental imaging onto MyRay products”

Dr Darren King

I have always been impressed with RPA Dental’s prompt, professional and excellent service. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Dr Peter Martin,
Hardshaw Street Dental Practice