About RPA Dental Equipment

With a 45-year heritage of supplying first-class equipment, products and engineering services to the dental community, RPA Dental is proud of the legacy it has created.

Catering to the ever-evolving needs of the dental profession, RPA Dental has developed a broad wealth of experience and expertise working with general dental practitioners, corporate dental groups and the NHS. The team not only understands the market, but they are also able to provide all the information and advice you might need to implement a smooth and efficient daily workflow, while maximising return on your investment.

Over the years, the company’s unique philosophy has ensured exemplary standards of both merchandise and customer service. All imaging systems, consumables and products on offer are created by globally leading brands you can rely on, utilising cutting-edge technology to enhance the work you do. You can also be confident you’ll receive open, clear and constructive communication from the RPA Dental team, who will guide you through the outstanding portfolio of products and help you select those best suited to you. Should you decide to make a purchase, free on-going help and technical support is then available whenever you need it, ensuring easy equipment maintenance and peace of mind.

So, if you need new clinical equipment, imaging technology or dental units, or you are looking to completely refurbish your dental working environment, you can be sure to find the quality and service you need from RPA Dental.




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    Dental Art Ki-per
    A place to store our personal stuff, at home or wherever.
    A space to empty our pockets into, and even charge the phone.
    An ambient light and a furniture complement.

    KI-PER BASIC storage, lock

    KI-PER LIGHT &CHARGE storage, lock, charge (2 ports hub), LED backlight

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    Dental Art Fringe
    Going beyond essentiality, innovation accessible to all, dentalArt philosophy concentrated into a sheer marquetry of lines and volumes. Furniture quality and an innovative concept available at incredibly accessible prices.
    In every space, useful and compatible everywhere, Fringe’s design is concrete and realistic. It is modeled and therefore may be adapted to any wall. Designed and built with the professional in mind in order to create a space that encompasses the individual and allows him/her to do their very best. Want to discover what Fringe can do for you? Ask here for a customized project. It’s free, really!
    Going beyond flexibility with function

    Fringe’s unparalleled modularity easily adapts to your operational and logistics needs. Each and every corner of the office becomes a work area, thus taking the best advantage of the space and rationalising organisation.

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    The Tornado 2+ is one of the quietest compressors in dentistry,yet – it is still very powerful. The highly developed compressor set is extremely quiet, and can have a calming effect on both patient and practitioner. But how quiet is quiet? The answer is exceptionally so! The Tornado has a new aero dynamic noise reduction hood which ensures the unit does not exceed 56 db(A) whilst in use.

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