A new appreciation for Cefla innovation

Dr Manrina Rhode, Principal of DRMR in London, was recently invited to Bologna with RPA Dental and Cefla, for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the cutting-edge technology he uses in practice every day. She says:

“It was a great trip. We loved visiting the Cefla factory – it was very useful to gain a better understanding of how the chairs are made, how the factory operates and all the new and exciting things coming!

“I felt really comfortable continuing to work with Celfa because my own ethos aligned with the company’s. I also found it interesting that some of the chair components are made by robots and others by hand. Seeing the production line in action has really helped me understand my chair better; why it functions in the way that it does and how it is modified or serviced. I had previously assumed everything was made by machines, so I have a new appreciation for the technology in my practice.

“I also got to see several new innovations that are coming out, which I will definitely consider adding to my surgery when I can!”

Manrina has worked with Pete Higson, Managing Director of RPA Dental, for several years. She reflects on their working relationship:

“Pete was close to a lifesaver while I was building my squat practice. He was approachable and understanding, always available and knowledgeable, and provided great advice and counsel. He was invaluable in helping me build my dream clinic – I recommend Pete and RPA Dental to everyone!”